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PU Neon Flex NP-T1615(Top View) IP68 underwater

● Seamless and uniform light output, dot free

● IP68 underwater up to 3 meters depth

● Robust housing with high quality Polyurethane, UV proof for true outdoor application

  • PU Neon Flex
  • PU Neon Flex
  • PU Neon Flex
  • PU Neon Flex
  • PU Neon Flex



Name Update date Document Download
PU-Neon-NP-T1615 top view specification 2019.12.12 0.30MB
PU NEON FLEX T1615 IES FILES 2020.05.29 1.00MB
PU Neon Flex IP68 test report 2020.07.03 1.20MB

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